The Secret To Creation


You are a Creator by nature: you create your life and all possible outcomes outside of space and time. Then, you enter space and time in order to live them.
If you fight against the events and circumstances of your life, you reject your creative power – it is making a statement on a feeling level that you are NOT responsible for how your life shows up.
But, you are, absolutely…
So then you move from creation to ‘manifestation’, where you create by default rather than conscious choice.
In manifestation, your life will show you what you think you’re not, in order for you to embrace who you are.
So: the only way to live your highest potential is to flow: mentally, emotionally, physically.
To live without judgement or attachment, but embracing all.
That doesn’t mean not choosing right from wrong or putting up with things that hurt you; it means allowing everything it’s place, and then responding, choosing, from that place of allowance.

Everything will lead you to your Self.  -Christos   😌😎😭😄😈👽🎈💫



This morning on the way to work, I saw someone reading a full-page newspaper article on Trump, and how he is even allowed to be a presidential candidate.

I heartily agree!

But for beings who wish to be empowered as a conscious creator, we can’t stop there.

The media WANTS you to love Trump, hate Trump, BE Trump – whatever sells the papers. Do you honestly think that an article on Trump is written as a public service and out of concern for the wellbeing of mankind? Almost always, no.
ALL media is written from a place of separation. It perpetuates the notion that we are separate from God, seperate from each other, seperate from ourselves. And that is because it is written by people who are themselves steeped in this notion of separation.

Here is the TRUTH for conscious creators:

Trump isn’t just in the page, he is in YOU. The whole reason you are experiencing a world where people like Trump get power, is because you are resonating as part of a reality where this is true. There are countless other timelines where Trump doesn’t even exist; why are you on my this one in particular?

The answer is because you resonate with him on some level, and so as a creator, you are showing your essence to yourself in form.

When you read an article on Trump as a Conscious Creator, you can react in one of two ways:

1. You can get see him as right or wrong, judge him and his supporters, be glad you’re not like him, and hope that he doesn’t get elected.
2. You can understand that he was created as an experience by you on some level in order to show you a part of yourself you cannot yet see, and let that understanding lead you within, to the feelings the article is bringing up in you. They are your truth.
The first reaction is disempowering, the second is empowering.
The first perpetuates the notion of separation – that you are not responsible for your reality, that the collective or the universe is to blame, that it is ‘the will of God – and the second connects you to your true creative power: the understanding that you are responsible for your reality, however it shows up – always.
The first leads you without to blame or projection, and the second leads you within, to love and empowerment.

We are all creators, all the time, without exception. Yet few of us are Conscious Creators.

Conscious Creators understand that feeling is the language of the soul, unconscious creators think that thought is.

Conscious Creators look within for their information on Truth, unconscious creators look outside them to events and people for that truth.

Conscious Creators take responsibility for their reality, for their feelings, for their thoughts. Unconscious creators blame others, or God, or the universe.

Which one are you?

It’s time to stop getting caught up in what media says, and instead get our information from within, where our REAL truth lies.


Sexual Manipulation – The Story Behind Your Energetic Suppression

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,

Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”  – Hamlet (1.5.167-8), Hamlet to Horatio 

If you’re reading this, your life has been controlled and manipulated by the accessing of your sexual energy.



I know, that’s a bold statement. But, hear me out…


My life has fast become very interesting. Since discovering who I am, what I’m here to do and the way things REALLY are, I’ve been shown some truly amazing things.

By amazing, I mean “FUCKING INCREDIBLE”.

One of those things that the Guardian Alliance revealed to us, was the depth of systematic manipulation of the global population via their sexual energy.


Your sexual energy is your power. It is the way you were brought to life, and is the energy of creation itself. It contains your etheric DNA, and is ESSENTIAL to experiencing your own power – your Self.

The military elite (and before them, the humans behind the Galactic Federation) harvest your sexual energy using several means: they include ‘Arachnids’ – spider-like, genetically manufactured beings – and several other frequency-based technologies, as well as the now de-activated ‘Archons’.


The Arachnids are a being we have been dealing with a lot lately. They reside in the finer vibrational realms as well as here – dimensions 3, 4 and 5. Here (3D), they are usually in the form of people. These people usually have a creepy vibe, and are overtly sexual – either men or women. We will give some examples below.

In the finer realms (4/5D) they exist as a spider-like being with a central round body and straight arms that jut outwards in many directions.

A couple of them materialised in this realm (with the top half removed) because of some energetic work we did (we stepped on them! Take it from me, they hurt, and their venom is annoying). Here are some pictures I snapped with my phone of them:



Is that creepy, or what?

These beings are found as people in porn, tantra groups and many ‘new-age healers’. Others have good intentions, but are controlled and manipulated by these beings, who work through them to influence large groups, especially in the ‘lightworker’ and tantric community.

There is one group specifically which I know of, which is infested – a movement which creates orgasms in a ‘clinical’ way as a means of stress relief. They even refer to their groups as ‘nests’. Click HERE for more information


There are several ways to know if you are being sexually harvested.

  • Sex or masturbation leaves you feeling drained/lethargic, or with a feeling of regret.
  • Kundalini rising unnaturally
  • A physical, tingling sensation around your base chakra and/or genitals. This is the actual extraction process.
  • Needing to have sex for no reason/addiction. This is the most common symptom, whereby the chakras are artificially stimulated – whether by the beings themselves or through implants and programming – just like cows are artificially stimulated to harvest their semen to induce pregnancy for milk. You are literally being ‘milked’.



Unfortunately, in this day and age, defence isn’t as easy as people will have you believe  – we are literally swamped by them. Our bioenergetic systems are manipulated since birth to make it easier for them, and we generally have a multitude of implants which assist them.

That being said, there is a lot we can do to prevent it, or at least lesson the effects, until we are sufficiently de-programmed to make the arachnids obsolete. When we collectively ‘vibrate’ high enough, they will be put on another timeline. We are actively working on getting rid of them as we speak…

The most important thing to do, is to feel. Feeling is the language of the soul, and it will allow you to sense them and anything else amiss. It will also enable you, once mastered, to get rid of them directly. The feeling generated when they are near is usually a sense of ‘creepiness’, when they are expressing themselves in this dimension as humans. In the astral, the feeling  expresses as a sharp, tingly sensation on your body or chakras.

The biggest symptom is usually a sense of light-headedness and confusion – not being able to think straight. This is often a result of their web-like material on your crown chakra, but they also use this webbing on the other chakras. You may experience ‘blockages’ there, such as when you try to delve into your heart in feeling/meditation, but can’t go past a certain point, or can’t ‘feel’ deeply enough. This stops you from connecting with your immediate reality, guides etc.

More on feeling in an upcoming post.

Shielding is also very important. We will cover shielding techniques in seperate post, but the best technique for the beginner is the ‘Golden Egg’ shield. For the full technique by Suzan Moore McKie, click here.




So, there is so much going on behind our conscious awareness, right?! There are Arachnids, the covert military, shields and an energy body. Did I mention FREAKIN’ TECHNO SPIDERS?!

These are all being ‘dealt with’, yet it’s important to realise that whatever frequency you are resonating on – WITHOUT EXCEPTION – is an expression of YOU, on some level. Therefore, you and you alone are responsible for Who You Are in this moment.

This is great news! It means that we are constantly becoming more of who we really are, and who we want to be.

It means that we are taking back our power more each day.

It means that we are unraveling the web of deception that we have allowed to veil our perception of Who We Really Are, one strand at a time…







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When Death Defies Us

Death is a part of life, but why do we see a world of sickness and equate that to death? Why is death no longer a beautiful thing? A peaceful thing? A way to transfer your soul to its next destination?

Those not living in North America are looking at our healthcare system (Western medicine) and laughing, but most of those who are in North America have no idea how to experience these feelings because they are in the hub. It is so much harder to step out of a thought process when you’re in the midst of the radiation. I know there are many of you who have stepped out of the crossfire and can see what is happening. It has happened on a huge scale over the past few years, but you also can not deny that there are many who are still blind. Though this situation has gotten better and the removal of those in operation against us has been extremely successful, only about 30% of those beings have been removed.
Politics. Let’s talk about it. Don’t reject what you have always thought to be an endless discussion of blinded back and forths. I don’t look at the 2016 election as something to shy away from because it is political. It is a revolution. There is chaos of the good sort, passion that this Earth has not seen in years. THE AGE OF AQUARIUS IS HAPPENING!!! We are choosing to act on instinct instead of fact, we are choosing to come together when we have been so separated by labels telling you to vote ‘this way’ or ‘I won’t vote for him/her because he/she is a Dem/Rep.’ Those labels are not separating us any longer. DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW ‘YUUUUGE’ THIS IS??? Those labels were man made. ‘Divide and conquer’ as they say. Sports teams, politics, religions, etc. Our whole society has been created as a division and in turn, we have divided ourselves from the power, which in turn, gives power even more power. But we are actually coming together to create a better world because of Mr. Sanders and THAT is why we should not deny a political rant or rave, because this is a new kind of political battle. A revolution in heart, beauty, and fucking LOVE.

Global-Transport-Map.jpgAmerica now is an energetic clump of sticky and cloudy energy. But… Hear me out. Don’t think of this as a negative thing. Most of the world’s energy (as in etheric) comes directly from America. It is the hub of global consciousness whether we like it or not. Think of the way that this energy spreads like a grid across Earth. Almost like the way that airlines represent their travel networks.

It flows outward from the hub (America, the U.S.) as thoughts, as patterns, as habits, as responses, as actions. When all of those things are dictated by a hierarchy keeping our thoughts, patterns, habits, responses, and actions subdued, disingenuous, unconstitutional… That’s when the world goes into chaos. On the other hand, those who are not living in America are capable of completely dismantling the ‘muck’ let’s call it, by feeling, by being, by stepping into their conscious power. Earth-with-grid-400-px.jpgBut, because the hub of Earth’s energy consciousness is mucky, thus, the rest of the world is also, even if it is slightly or much less so (another beautiful catch 22 given to us by Divinity). This is where you all come in. You beautiful, passionate, beings of light and joy and HEART. You are the dissipation of that sticky mess. The dark clouds are clearing because of your passion, regardless of the election, regardless of which movement you are fighting for. It is the fact that you are fighting. You are realizing something is wrong and you realize your life is worth living and fighting for. The world is looking to you and feeling your spirit whether they know it or not. I am fighting with all of you, fighting FOR all of you. I can’t campaign for change in the way I would like since I am overseas, but I am so blessed and so grateful to see your faces light up and glow with a sense of fucking purpose for the first time in what seems like U.S. history (or since the 60’s *wink*). You are doing this. You are here, living, breathing, fighting, NO LONGER SUCCUMBING to the bullshit. I commend you, I shower you with praise because I can’t believe I am here on Earth with all of you, in this moment. This time, this timeLINE is something that has been faught to be suppressed. This timeline was not meant to flow. It has always existed, as all timelines exist NOW, but we are IN IT. Something that the 1% has tirelessly kept from happening… UNTIL NOW. And it is because of all of your beauty and your soul and your effort to survive and LOVE. Your love is what is saving Gaia. What is saving our souls. What is saving our generation and those to come. We are finally able to give our future a lifeforce. And that is SOMETHING to live for. To DIE for. Because in the end, death is literally what we have made of our lives. Death comes from living. Death comes from choosing and fighting and lessons and messages and the DIVINE.

Not a single death has been in vain because each death has lead to your life.


‘Til death do us part,

Kāna Lanėika